Enjoying the Museums and the Opera

By Hope Davies
January 22nd, 2013

Hello from Vienna!!

Today is one of our last days here in Vienna, which is very sad to say, I really don’t want it to be over.  Now that we’ve been here for a couple of weeks we’ve gotten used to the area and can navigate around usually without a map.  This past weekend we traveled to Budapest which was super fun!  We got to see the Fishermen’s Bastion, and multiple churches and amazing views of the city!  It was nice to get back to Vienna, though.

Today though we started out with our normal class and learned about Austria and Germany’s complicated relationship through the years, and then we previewed the Opera we were seeing tonight!  After class four of us just ran around the corner to pretty much Vienna’s Kroger (called “Billa”), and grabbed some sandwiches, and then were off to see the Sigmund Freud Museum!  It was a small museum but also very informative about his life!  I thoroughly enjoyed it!  I didn’t really know a lot about his life so I learned a lot.

Next we went over to the “Sisi” Museum, (Empress Elizabeth, wife of Kaiser Franz Joseph)!  They had enough dishes and silverware for every student at Otterbein  in beautiful china and gold, and it was just gorgeous!  There were literally just rooms filled with undamaged china.  Then we continued more into the life of Sisi!  She lived a very depressing life.  She married at the age of 15 and she just wanted to be free, she didn’t want to marry an Emperor.  She was also very skinny.  She was 5’8” and only weighed about 99 lbs, which is definitely unhealthy, probably another reason why she was so unhappy.  We got to look through where she lived and how the rooms were set up when they lived there.  They talked about her assassination in Geneva, and it was just interesting to me that she didn’t really notice when she got stabbed. She thought the man was trying to pick-pocket her, and then a couple steps later she collapsed and died shortly after.  She seemed to be very unhappy with life, but was loved by the Austrians!

Vienna State Opera

Vienna State Opera

After the museum we did some shopping, and then, like I stated earlier, we had tickets to the opera, “Nabucco.”  It was about the life of King Nebuchadnezzar from Biblical times.  It was very good, the singers were amazing and the orchestra also did a fantastic job.  It was my first time seeing the opera so it was really interesting but also delightful to watch!  I thoroughly enjoyed it!  That’s it from today though; I hope this inspires you to GO TRAVEL THE WORLD!!

Würstl Stand after the Opera

Würstl Stand after the Opera

Marble Bride 3


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